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Works for solo Instruments:

5 easy pieces for children, for Piano (1983)

"Mahoor", for Piano (1984)  . . . more  . . . more speaker

"Moderato scherzando", for Piano (1986)

"Shahrashub", for Violin solo (1987)  . . . more speaker

"Nenad", vor Viola sola (1988)

Variations on a theme by Paganini, for Cello solo (1970) 

Persian Folksongs (vol. I, II, III, IV), for Piano (1982-1997) ترانه‌های محلی ايران، برای پيانو   . . . more  speaker

20 easy Folksongs for beginners, for Piano (1997)  . . . more play

"Dayni", for Piano 4-hand (1996)

Chamber Music:

String-Quartet (1984)

"Shur" in 15-Ton-System, for 2 Celli (1985) 

"Dashti" for Soprano and Piano (1987) 

"The tapping Sphere" (Die Klopfende Kugel), Clarinet-Quintet (1988) كُرۀ تپنده  . . . hear play

Woodwind-Quintet (1989) 

"Ach Liebste lass uns eilen", on a poem by Martin Opitz, for Soprano, Horn, Violin, Cello and percussion (1971)

Persian Folksongs, for Voice and Piano (1992-1999) ترانه‌های محلی ايران برای آواز و پيانو  . . . more  play

Persian Folksongs, for Voice, Flute and Piano (1992-1999) ترانه‌های محلی ايران برای آواز، فلوت و پيانو . . . more  play

"Dayni", for Soprano, Violin, Flute and Piano (2002) دای‌نی    . . . watch the the middle part as VIDEO play

"Rebirth", on a poem by Forugh Farrokhzad (1998) تولّدی ديگر   . . . more play

"The Rose", on a poem by Forugh Farrokhzad (1999) گُل سرخ

"Only the Voice", on a poem by Forugh Farrokhzad (1999) تنها صداست كه می‌ماند

Orchestral works:

"Peace", Symphonic Poem (1985)

"Psyche", für Symphony Orchestra (1991)

"Dastmal", for Soprano, Tenor and Orchestra, on a Persian folksong form bakhtiari (1993)

"Sound of Watersteps", on a poem bt Sohrab Sepehri, for an actor and electronic music (1994)

"Mahtab" (Moonlight), on a poer by Nima Yushij, for Soprano and Orchestra (1995)

"Persian Suite", for large Orchestra (1996)

"Noruzkhani", on a folksong from province Mazandaran (2001-2003)

"Concerto for Tombak and Orchestra" in Modus Nava (2003)

"Morghe Sahar", on a song by Mrteza Neydavoud (2001-2004)  . . . watch the Video play

"Meydansalar", on a folksong from province Bushehr (2001-2005)

"Sechakke", on a folksong from province Khorasan (2004)

"Shiri begu dotta", on a folksong from province Fars (2001-2004)

"Ilche baglar", on a folksong from Ghashghai tribe (2004)

"Delphi Hymn", on an ancient greek ritual song (2004)

"The first National Anthem of Iran" (new arrangement of the Hymn composed originally by M. Lemair) 2004  . . . watch the Video play

"The National Anthem of the Aerobic Federation of Iran," 2006  . . . watch the Video play

"Sar umad Zemestun", on an Armanian Folksong   . . . watch the Video play

"The Wave" (Mowj موج), on a poem by Fereydoun Moshiri 2014  . . . watch the Video

Electronic compositions:

"Sedaye Paye Ab", On a poem by Sohrab Sepehri (1994)

"Morghe Amin", On a poem by Nima Yushij (1996)


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